A week-long course at the Centre of Christian-Muslim Understanding & Partnership

Driven by the need to deepen knowledge of Islam and its place in the modern world, this week-long course is designed to help its students make sense of the Islamic tradition and its schools, offering them a well-rounded idea of classical and modern Islam.

This intensive course will be offered in English in

December (11-16 Dec 2022) and taught by Dr Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour, a lecturer of Islamic theology and comparative religion at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, and a postdoctoral researcher at the University of York.

The course is limited to a maximum of twenty students to enable fruitful discussions and make visits to cultural and religious sites enjoyable.

The course will be held at the Centre of Christian-Muslim Understanding & Partnership in Cairo, and focus on the following six dimensions of the Islamic tradition:

1- Theological teachings

2- Acts of worship

3- Spiritual experience of the divine

4- Islamic ethical theory

5- Social and institutional aspects

6- Physical manifestation of faith

This course is a joint initiative of the Centre of Christian-

Muslim Understanding & Partnership and GINGKO (a charity founded to improve mutual understanding between the MENA region and the West). Each student is asked to make a donation of 1200 L.E. to the Centre for their participation in the course. There are a limited number of places available free of charge for those unable to afford the donation.

For more information or to join the course please contact: Mrs Nermine Shenouda, 01222940643 / Nermen_st@hotmail.com gingko.org.uk    ccmup.org